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12 5LgTTh Class

School time is arranged around the needs and interests

of 3 to 5 year olds.  

We (the board of directors and staff) strive for an atmosphere that is comfortable and caring, 

where children can use all their senses to explore, create, and learn in a simple structured enviroment.

Where children's cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual interests are developed and life tools enhanced

to make for a more pleasant quality of life.


 School Time

The children are greeted at the door by a teacher.

Child Directed Activities

They will choose one of eight areas to explore, with theme related materials provided each day. The areas are variable, but basically will contain large and small manipulatives  for art, computer, housekeeping, language, library, math and science.

Clean Up Time

There will be a 5-minute warning before cleanup. Then all are encouraged to work together, along with the teachers to put away toys and materials.
Teacher Directed Group Time

 Children will participate in calendar activities, discussion of the theme and new materials they have experienced in the areas, along with songs and finger play.

Bathroom Time

The children will go to two bathrooms in two groups with two teachers. They will learn the importance of washing hands and self-help skills.  (Note: Children may go to the bathroom at any time with the teacher.)


Nutritional snacks and fruit juice will be served.  Example: crackers, peanut butter, fruit,
animal crackers, graham crackers, and vegetables. Occasional treats will be served at
birthday and holiday celebrations. There will be a three minute quiet time following snack.
Grace is always said.

Story and Closing

The children will review the activities of the day. The teacher will read a theme
story to the children. All will be encouraged to participate in a closing prayer.


The children will be dismissed from the upper entrance door by the teachers.

"Lunch Buddies"

An optional 45 minute extension of the school day for children to socialize with
peers and teachers during lunch.